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Weathercloud Beta 4.5 is Here! 4

Weathercloud Beta 4.5 is Here!

Today we’re happy to announce that Weathercloud has been updated to Beta 4.5! This release comes with some exciting new features and improvements that will make the network even more useful and fun. Keep reading to discover all the new stuff included in this version!

Weathercloud Beta 4.1 Released! 0

Weathercloud Beta 4.1 Released!

Today we’ve updated Weathercloud to Beta 4.1! Despite being a minor update, it brings some interesting new features and cool design improvements here and there to make the whole experience even better. Keep reading to discover all the new stuff!

Weathercloud Beta 4 Released! 14

Weathercloud Beta 4 Released!

Today we’re so happy to announce the release of Weathercloud Beta 4, one of the biggest updates so far. It’s been a while since we released Beta 3, and in that time the team has been really hard at work, developing new and exciting features, fixing a number of bugs and enhancing the overall performance of the network for you to enjoy. Keep reading to learn more!

Early Spring Update 9

Early Spring Update

Spring has knocked on the door and brings an array of fresh features for Weathercloud users, including a new version of our module for WeatherLink, possibility of exporting data to CSV and more.