Introducing Weathercloud 10

Weathercloud 10 is here!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Weathercloud 10, a major update packed with new features and enhancements so you can get even more out of your beloved weather network. We’ve been working hard to bring exciting new features based on your feedback and today you can finally enjoy them.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in this version:

Enhanced Plans

Weathercloud 10 introduces significant changes and improvements in the different plans:

  • The Free plan and the Business plan have been renamed as Basic and Premium respectively.
  • The Pro plan has been upgraded with unlimited cloud database. All Pro users can already enjoy this enhancement at no additional cost!
  • Added the new Plus plan as the starter paid plan with 60-month cloud database, editable records, ad-free browsing and several other features not available in the Basic plan.
  • Ability to upgrade to a higher plan or add additional devices to the current paid plan directly from the site without the need to contact Support.
  • 30-day trial period available for any paid plan with the option to cancel at any time.

You can check out our redesigned Plans page for the complete list of features included in each plan. We are also happy to announce that we offer custom plans for users who require additional features not included in the standard plans. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to let us know your weather monitoring needs.

Redesigned Settings Page

Probably the first thing you’ll notice in Weathercloud 10 is that Devices is no longer displayed in the top menu bar. You will now find this element in the user drop-down menu above Settings, so that you can access both configuration pages from one place.

The Settings page has been completely redesigned. We’ve added 3 tabs called Profile, Account and Preferences to the upper right corner of the page to better organize all the information and configuration options. We’ve kept Profile in the user drop-down menu, but it now takes you to your public profile page instead of to the profile edit page.

Lets take a look at all the new features added to the Settings page:

Profile tab

We’ve added a new field called Category so that you can select the option that best describes you or your organization, depending on whether you are a private user or if the account you manage belongs to a company.

We highly encourage you to choose your category as we plan to add new map layers in the future based on this information. If your category is missing and you think it should be added to the list, please let us know.

On the other hand, the new Social Profiles section lets you add your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles to your Weathercloud user profile.

The social profiles you add will be displayed in the upper right corner of your user profile page to make it easier for other Weathercloud users to reach you on social media. We hope this new feature helps you grow your audience.

Another addition is the ability to crop the uploaded profile picture, so you no longer need to use a photo editing software. Now you can select the exact area that you want to display on your profile picture in an easy way.

Finally. if you are a Plus, Pro or Premium user, you will find a new Privacy section that lets you configure your user profile as private if you do not want it to be visible to other Weathercloud users. This configuration does not affect your devices, so they will remain visible to others if you have set them as public.

Account tab

You will find a new Email addresses section that allows you to add multiple verified email addresses to your Weathercloud account. You can then go to Preferences > Subscriptions to define if you want the device status notifications (device offline and device no longer shown on the Map) to be sent only to the primary email address or to all added email addresses. Basic, Plus, Pro and Premium users can add up to 3, 3, 5 and 15 email addresses respectively.

If you are a Pro or Premium user, you will also be able to set to which email addresses each of your custom weather alerts will be sent, as we explain later in Enhanced weather alerts.

In addition to email addresses, you can also add multiple Twitter profiles to your Weathercloud account and assign each of them to the specific device you want for the automatic tweets, as described later in Enhanced integration with Twitter.

Enhanced Device Gallery

We’ve made a couple improvements to the device gallery to make it better. Now you can choose the picture from your gallery that you want to show as a thumbnail for your device on the Home and Map pages. You no longer need to go through the tedious process of deleting all the pictures and re-uploading them in the correct order. In addition, if you prefer, you can set a webcam as a thumbnail instead of a picture. Just hover over the picture or webcam you like the most and click on the Thumbnail button. The selected item will be highlighted in a blue frame, as shown below:

We encourage you to upload at least one picture of your device as it is an excellent way to share your unique setup with other users of Weathercloud. If you have not yet added any picture of your device, you can do so easily by going to the Devices page and clicking on Edit gallery in the Settings drop-down menu (the cog icon).

Enhanced Integration with Twitter

Automatic posting to Twitter is without a doubt one of the most popular features of Weathercloud and this new release brings a couple improvements to make it even better. If you happen to manage multiple Twitter profiles, you’ll be happy to know that you can now link all of them to your Weathercloud account from the Settings page and then assign each one to the specific device you want for the automatic tweets.

Besides the automatic tweets, if you are a Plus, Pro or Premium user, you can now tweet the current weather conditions at the precise moment you want. This feature comes in handy when you want to report a severe meteorological event that is taking place right now. To do so, you just need to click on the new Tweet now button on the upper right corner of your device page.

Enhanced Weather Alerts

This new release also brings the ability to share custom weather alerts with multiple contacts. If you are a Pro or Premium user, you can add several verified email addresses to your Weathercloud account from the Settings page and then subscribe each of them to specific weather alerts based on the needs. When an alert is triggered, all recipients will receive an email informing of the threshold that has been exceeded as well as the other weather conditions at that time.

We have also added a bell icon to the Devices page so you can see at a glance which of your devices currently have alerts configured.

New Annual Weather Report

Pro and Premium users can now download annual weather reports in PDF, in addition to the daily and monthly weather reports already available in previous versions. The new annual weather report shows the average, maximum, minimum and accumulated record for each month and is the easiest way to get a summary for the whole year.

If you are a Pro or Premium user, you can download daily, monthly and annual reports in PDF by going to the Reports page from the top menu bar and clicking on the PDF tab in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once there, select the desired device, time frame and type of report. The newly added Report 2 includes solar radiation and ET.

Support for Additional Sensors

This has been one of the most requested features and we’re very excited to finally roll it out in Weathercloud 10! If you’re are a Pro or Premium user, you’ll now find a new section called Tabs on your device configuration page. As the name suggests, this section allows you to enable/disable each of the different tabs on your public device page based on your needs, including the new Extra and Air quality tabs for the additional sensors.

The tab bar looks as shown below when all tabs are enabled:

Below is the complete list of additional sensors currently supported:

Extra tab:

  • 1 x Temperature (temp02)
  • 1 x Humidity (hum02)
  • 1 x Soil temperature (tempagro)
  • 1 x Soil moisture (soilmoist)
  • 1 x Leaf wetness (leafwet)

Air quality tab:

  • 1 x Air quality index (aqi)
  • 1 x PM2.5 (pm25)
  • 1 x PM10 (pm10)
  • 1 x CO (co)
  • 1 x NO2 (no2)
  • 1 x SO2 (so2)
  • 1 x O3 (o3)

Just keep in mind that your third-party weather software must implement these additional variables so that we can display them on Weathercloud. If you’re a developer, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • The Weathercloud ID and KEY are now sent automatically to the user via email after registering a new station.
  • New icon for the layers button on the Map page.
  • The Wind layer on the Map page now also shows wind direction next to wind speed.
  • Temperature and inside temperature now have a different color on the custom plots to differentiate them better.
  • Added the cog icon to the upper right corner of the screen for direct access to Settings also when logged in.
  • Added the ability to share a device also on WhatsApp, Telegram, Reddit and LinkedIn.
  • Added the text Follows you to the profile page of the users who follow your stations.
  • Added the ability to keep your advanced weather dashboard visible even if your device is set as private.
  • Changed the wind direction indicator on the Present weather section of the device page for better understanding.
  • Wind gust is no longer averaged on the custom plots.
  • Wind speed is now also reported in cardinal direction on the evolution graph of wind direction.
  • Added the text Only you can view this data to the Inside data tab to clarify this information is not public.
  • Device is now translated as Appareil instead of Dispositif in French language.
  • Updated the FAQ page according to the new changes.
  • Improved connection instructions for Pro Weather Link.

We hope you like all the new features and enhancements included in this release as much as we do! Any feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated, so please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for much more to come!


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48 Responses

  1. David Pykett says:

    I feel that persons who allow there weather stations to upload to your site should get more than the basic interface

    • McD says:

      I agree, at least you should be able to use the data on your own website or in your local domotics solution.

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hi David, Weathercloud 10 brings several new features and improvements to the basic plan, and we’ll keep adding new stuff in upcoming updates.

    • TinaT says:

      I cannot understand why you cannot view your AirLink data without paying? WeatherLink Live still allows it under the free plan… it makes no sense at all!

      • Weathercloud says:

        Hi TinaT, air quality variables are available from the Plus plan, regardless of the sensor model used. Also note that we are still working on the integration of the AirLink.

        • TinaT says:

          That’s the plus plan.. I understand subscription fees for fancy graphs and data recall, that’s fair enough but If I am sending the data to you, I shouldn’t need to pay to see it in it’s basic form.

    • Barry King says:

      I have stopped all together uploading weather data to ANYONE. I have had my own site for years and web hosting cost are cheap
      .If everyone stopped sharing there data you would see Weatherlink,Wunderground,PWS,etc. have better plans for its users. They need us and your weather data. Its nice to see your data on any of these sites… but yes truly believe if were supping you with it than why the heck should we have to pay for anything ? pass the subscription cost onto the “non” weather station users.

      • Weathercloud says:

        Hi Barry, our Basic plan provides many free tools to help you monitor, manage and share your weather data online, including custom plots, daily and monthly reports, database export to spreadsheet format, automatic posting to Twitter and a sticker with the current data for external sites and for forums, just to list some of them. Paid plans are intended for users that require additional features and allow us to maintain the site and to continue developing new features and enhancements, also for users on the Basic plan.

  2. Toby René says:

    Nice evolution, I did not find the type of AQI detector supported.
    I have a PurpleAir, a SensorCommunity and an AirLink
    Thank you for your reply.

    • Weathercloud says:

      Toby, thank you for your feedback. Any air quality sensor in the market can now be integrated into Weathercloud through our API. We’re working on the automatic integration of the Davis AirLink.

  3. Nice
    It’s just a pity that no data can be sent for additional sensors. I use Basic and I don’t need it anymore, at least you could give that option the ability to read additional sensors. I, I have invested a lot of money in the station, I send data for free, and I do not plan to pay anything more.
    For me, that is not an option.

  4. Loscos says:

    Yo también creo que el perfil “básico ” para los dueños de estaciones, es demasiado básico.
    Podríais dejar añadir alguna función más, tres o cuatro, opcionales, de las de otros planes.
    Por ejemplo “twitt now” u otras, a elegir por el usuario.
    De todas formas, gran mejora.

  5. dan ventola says:

    i recall last time i used weathercloud, it was hard to have numbers changed from metric to english and that’s why i stopped using it, did you fix this problem? you have to realize, a large part of your users are from the U.S. !!

  6. Ben says:

    I agree with the other comments here. Too much has been taken away from those that provide their data at considerable personal cost.
    Seems that weathercloud did not learn anything from how weatherunderground handled their API change.
    I will be looking at removing my two stations and moving on.

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hi Ben, all features that were initially available to basic users are still there. Moreover, the number of features for basic users has grown considerably since we launched Weathercloud, and we’re committed to keep doing so. Could you please tell us what features are you referring to?

  7. Karl Warschau says:


    Congratulations on the release of version 10.

    Sadly my weather station has been unlinked and I cannot get it linked up again. With no access to Priority Support I am having to post here.

    Any help appreciated.



  8. Jan Pospisil says:

    I have a tip for better design. I think, that we be nice that the plots temperature will be red color above 0°C and blue color below 0°C. Is it possible? Thank

  9. Fragiskos Brilakis says:

    Good morning,
    I have a GARNI 2055 Arcus and I would like to know if I will upgrade my account, will I be able to monitor more than one internal sensor?

  10. Alex Fry says:

    Do you have any plans to allow the data OWNERS, access to their data through an API on any plan ?

  11. Jeffrey J. Rains says:

    my weather station is unlinked, and I can’t figure out how to link it, any help would be appreciated.

  12. Morten mo says:

    Is it possible to add new Davis WeatherLink Live 6100 ?

  13. Martin says:

    Just upgraded to Plus because it said that you could have additional sensors. I see from the Blog above that you have to have Pro. How do I put an additional sensor on to my Plus package?

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hi Martin,

      Thank you very much for upgrading your plan.

      Please find below the complete list of additional sensors included in the Plus, Pro and Premium plan:

      • 1 x Additional ambient temperature
      • 1 x Additional ambient humidity
      • 1 x Soil temperature
      • 1 x Soil moisture
      • 1 x Leaf wetness
      • 1 x Air quality (PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and O3)
      • 1 x Noise

      Additional sensors are displayed automatically from the moment you upgrade your plan. The only requirement is that your device or software sends us the data from these sensors, otherwise we cannot display them on Weathercloud.

      We already sent the latest version of our API documentation to all manufacturers and software developers and expect them to implement the additional sensors shortly.

  14. Nick Whiting says:

    How do I upload the new version. There doesn’t appear to be any info on this page

  15. Brian Lane says:

    i have bought a new weather station a Youshiko YC 9387. I cannot connect it to your network. How do i do this? I was sent a station ID and station key, i enter these and it takes me back to a control panel.
    Thanking You
    Brian Lane

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hi Brian,

      Please find below the steps to connect your device to Weathercloud via Pro Weather Link, which is a firmware built into your device console:

      1. Obtain your Weathercloud ID and KEY by going to the Devices page and clicking on Link in the Settings drop-down menu (the gear icon).
      2. Connect to the Wi-Fi network of your device (named PWS-XXXXXX) from your smartphone or tablet.
      3. Open a web browser on your smartphone or tablet and access the URL
      4. Fill in the requested fields to complete the setup.

  16. Horac99 says:

    Good morning,
    I have a GARNI 1025 Arcus and I would like to know if I will upgrade my account(PRO), will I be able to monitor more than one internal sensor?

    Thanky you

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hi Horac99,

      Thank you very much for your interest in upgrading your plan.

      Please find below the complete list of additional sensors included in the Plus, Pro and Premium plan:

      • 1 x Additional ambient temperature
      • 1 x Additional ambient humidity
      • 1 x Soil temperature
      • 1 x Soil moisture
      • 1 x Leaf wetness
      • 1 x Air quality (PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and O3)
      • 1 x Noise

      Additional sensors are displayed automatically from the moment you upgrade your plan. The only requirement is that your device or software sends us the data from these sensors, otherwise we cannot display them on Weathercloud.

  17. Colin Robinson says:

    Hi, I live in an area of Queensland, Australia where a lot of rainfall can make our creeks and waterways rise very rapidly. When people from our area are away from home it is great for them to be able to see the weather conditions, as flooded creeks can stop them from returning home. Being able to see how hard it’s raining and rain totals, (updated regularly) is a big advantage.
    I now have a Pro account with WeatherCloud. I don’t mind paying and supporting organisations like this to keep our weather info available to our community and anyone else that finds it useful. Plus on the Pro plan I can now correct any errors that may occur in the data upload, also our info/data can be updated every second. Local area weather information can be very important to people at times. Great job WeatherCloud.

  18. Randy Crawford says:

    I have an Ambient Weather weather station that I would like to write an app for. According to the user manual, it will easily connect to WeatherCloud. My app will require the use of a URL for acquiring historical & current data from my weather station (as opposed to navigating through webpages and then clicking “Download” buttons). Does WeatherCloud offer such an API service? FYI, it will have to be available to a Free account.

  19. Is it possible to embed the data from a particular weather station on a website?

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hi Jurrie, you can add your Weathercloud Sticker to an external website. The Weathercloud Sticker displays the current weather data reported by your device. To obtain the HTML code of your Weathercloud Sticker, go the Devices page and click on Get Sticker in the Settings drop-down menu. For more information about the Weathercloud Sticker, please click here.

      Alternatively, the Premium plan includes an advanced dashboard that displays the current weather data reported by your device and the local forecast. The advanced dashboard is fully responsive, fitting any screen size, and can be embedded in an external website.

  20. Matthias says:

    Hello, I have not been able to find an answer on this: how come there is a min, a max and an avg temperature for each point in time in the evolution graph? I can’t see how there are 3 parameters/temperatures at one point in time … thanks for lightening me up on this.

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hi Matthias, your device sends data to Weathercloud every 10 minutes (resulting in 6 records per variable every hour). As a result, the evolution graphs display the maximum, minimum, and average values for each hour.

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