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We’re excited to announce that Weathercloud is now also compatible with Weather Display!

This is one of the most significant updates so far, as it brings support for a wide range of weather stations from major manufacturers — including Ambient Weather, Campbell Scientific, La Crosse, Oregon Scientific, RainWise and WeatherHawk — via an add-on that’s already available for download. This update is also good news for those of you monitoring your Davis station through Weather Display.

Supported Weather Stations

During the nearly two months since our launch, we have received so many requests to make Weathercloud compatible with a larger number of weather stations. We hope the wait was worth it and that you find Weathercloud just as enjoyable as we do. We’d like to thank Brian Hamilton, author of Weather Display, for his kind cooperation.

You can check out our FAQ for detailed information about the different weather station models and link methods currently available.

Download the Weather Display Companion Add-on.

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23 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    I use WD and have entered the WeatherCloud ID on the WD input screen. It then asks for the Key (after registration). Where and how do I get this from please?

  2. Weathercloud says:

    Hello Bob, you have to click on ‘Link’ in the dropdown menu of your device (the gear icon) and you’ll be provided with an ID and Key.

  3. David says:


    Thanks for nice job!

    Where to put ID and KEY? I use WD v10.37R Build 81 and WD Companion Add On v1.9 and don’t find it…

  4. Weathercloud says:

    Hello David, you have to run the Weather Display Companion Add On, then click on the ‘Weathercloud’ tab at the top of the window and finally paste the Weathercloud ID and Key in the proper fields.

  5. David says:

    Thanks for your reply, there is something I make wrong because I don’t get Weathercloud tab that appears screenshot here: http://hpics.li/6e599e1

  6. Weathercloud says:

    David, the Weathercloud ID and Key must be entered in the Companion Add On program, not in the CronCloud. In version 1.9 you should see the ‘Weathercloud’ tab at the top of the window. Could you please provide a screenshot? Thanks!

  7. David says:

    Thanks for your help, I was in the wrong software, now I get it work :)

  8. Weathercloud says:

    Great! Enjoy Weathercloud! :)

  9. hello, trying to lonk weathercloud to my my station KWALOPEZ2. I use weathersnoop 3. I have a key and id from weathercloud. It does not copy and paste into the weathersnoop shariung tab. How do I get the key and id into ws 3?

  10. Weathercloud says:

    Hello Richard, if you’re using the pre-flight version of WeatherSnoop 3, make sure that the box “Send my weather data to Weathercloud” is checked before pasting the ID and Key.

  11. NoseyNick says:

    I’d like to add support for sending weather data from NoseyWX ( http://noseynick.net/wx/noseywx.html ) to weathercloud – it already acts as a gateway for data from a bunch of stations to APRS/CWOP/findu, wunderground, openweathermap, and I’m always looking to add more ingest and uplink APIs. Is your weathercloud API documented somewhere?

    Thanks, NoseyNick

  12. I am running the open source Meteo package with my Vantage Vue weather station. I currently upload to WUnderground and others, but would like to upload to Weathercloud as well. Would it be possible to get the API documentation so that I can create a script to upload the data?


  13. Frank Blau says:

    Can I also get the API Docs?

  14. Kerstin Matthiesen says:

    I Also would like to get the API Docs (for private purpose). As I saw the above entries in this blog I thought this would be no problem. Unfortunately the Support team answered me that there is no API..
    So I would like to know: Is the an API documentation – and is there a way for me to get it?

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hi Kerstin, we do have an API so you can upload data to the platform through your own weather solution, but we still do not have an API to capture data from the site. If you are interested in uploading data, please send us an email indicating the name of your solution and we will reply back to you with our API Docs. Thanks!

      • Kerstin Matthiesen says:

        Ok, now I understand. Yes, I intend to download, not upload, so unfortunately your API does not help me. Thanks for the quick reply!

  15. Krata says:

    could you please share with me upload api documentation? I would like to add station using raspberry and domoticz solution eg. via http api script…
    Thanks a lot.

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