Weathercloud Now Available in German

Weathercloud now available in German

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Now Weathercloud too!

Today we’re releasing the German version of the network, which adds to the 8 languages that were already available: Catalan, Czech, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. We’re really proud of this achievement and hope to keep adding more languages over time.

You can switch your language to German at any time from the Settings page of Weathercloud.

We thank Oliver, author of this translation, for his time and effort.

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4 Responses

  1. WetterPaG says:

    Keep on that great work! Your german localization is far better than the one on WeatherUnderground!

  2. Nikolaos Vlachos says:

    Hello ! I want in Greek language for the Weathercould ? Thanks !

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