Learning to Use URL Parameters

Learning to Use URL Parameters

Weathercloud is a great way to share your weather data with family, friends and other weather buffs. On this Blog post we’re unveiling all the URL parameters you can use to control how your station is displayed to others, including the language, units of measure and many more.

Make sure you add ? before the first parameter and & between parameters. Also keep in mind that if the person viewing your station has previously set his units and language, either as a registered user or as a guest, his configuration will prevail.

URL Formats

  • Map page

  • Device page

  • Device dashboard (Business users)

Map Parameters

  • User
    Shows only the devices of the specified user on the map (Pro and Business users).

  • Device
    Opens the specified device on the map.

  • Coordinates
    Centers the map on the specified coordinates.

  •  Zoom
    Shows the map at the specified zoom level [3, 18].

  • Layer
    Shows the specified map layer [device, wspd, temp, hum, rain, solarrad, uvi].

Device page / Dashboard Parameters

  • Language
    Sets the specified language.

  • Units
    Sets the specified units [si, meteo, nautical, us].
    • si: temp (ºC), spd (m/s), bar (hPa), dist (m), rain (mm).
    • meteo: temp (ºC), spd (km/h), bar (mBar), dist (m), rain (mm).
    • nautical: temp (ºC), spd (knot), bar (mBar), dist (m), rain (mm).
    • us: temp (ºF), spd (mph), bar (inHg), dist (ft), rain (in).
  • units=<units_code>

Some Examples

We hope you find this information useful when sharing your station with others. Your questions and feedback are welcome, so feel free to get in touch with us using the form below.

Thank you!

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9 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    URL not found?
    My id not working when trying to get my dashboard to show on the URL.
    Do I need to be business plan to get this to work?

  2. tom says:

    beim verbinden mit dem w-lan muss ich eine URL eingeben – um das gerät zu registrieren – welch ist das

  3. David Larkin says:

    @Tom / @Weathercloud, can you share the URL, thanks/danke! David

  4. Richard Kim Bleiweiss says:

    My PWS is offline and I’m trying to link to Weewx. It’s asking for my device’s URL. How do I find my pws URL? Thank you!

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