Weathercloud Gets First Update

Weathercloud Gets First Update

Weathercloud gets significant enhancements after less than two weeks from its official launch on February 28.

Compatibility with Davis Weather Monitor II

First, we’re happy to announce that from today Weather Monitor II users can link their long-serving station to Weathercloud. With the addition of this model we offer compatibility with all Davis stations released since 1992 to date.

Weather Monitor II

Creation of Multiple Devices

Second, if you own more than one weather station you’re in luck. We expanded from one to three the number of devices you can create. This means you can now manage different devices quickly and conveniently from the same account. No more need to create multiple accounts and to switch between them.

Multiple devices

And More

In addition to all of this, we fixed several bugs and made Weathercloud more stable and more enjoyable to use. We’re really thankful for all the feedback we’re receiving. Keep it coming!

Other minor bug fixes

  • Weathercloud module is back online.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented signing up from the home page.
  • Devices linked through module now start sending data automatically.
  • Maximum altitude is now 10,000 m instead of 1,000 m.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented profile pictures from uploading.
  • Wind rose is now displayed empty while not receiving wind direction data.
  • Added ‘UTC’ next to the hour of last update when not logged in.

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6 Responses

  1. Manuel says:

    Hi there!

    First of all congratulations for your weather network.

    I have already registered, but although having a Davis Vantage Pro2 I do not use the Weatherlink Davis Software (is a software with some limitations and has very old), so I use Cumulus software and I see only the WeatherLink is allowed.
    Have you planned an update that includes other software?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Weathercloud says:

    Hello Manuel,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, we’ll add compatibility with more software programs soon, so that more users can link their weather station to Weathercloud.

  3. Nick says:

    I too use Cumulus, I started with Weatherlink but also found this software is very limited, switched to Cumulus and havn’t looked back….Please get your system accepting Cumulus users, a.s.a.p. lol….

  4. E1001met says:

    Yo tambien tengo instalado y funcionando Cumulus. Espero lo añadan a Weathercloud pronto.

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hola E1001met, estaríamos encantados de añadir compatibilidad con Cumulus, pero no depende únicamente de nosotros, ya que necesitamos su aprobación y colaboración.

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