New Module for WeatherLink Available

New Module for WeatherLink Available

From today the latest version (1.3.2) of our module for WeatherLink is available for download. Upgrading to this release is strongly recommended, as it fixes the crashing issues that some users are experiencing with previous versions.

In addition to this, the new version now sends data of a much larger number of weather variables, including wind chill, dew point, heat index, THW, inside dew point and inside heat index, with the last two being especially useful for greenhouses. Just be sure to switch on these variables from the Variables screen of your device once the new module is installed.

Download the new module

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6 Responses

  1. Joostfhen says:

    At the moment I share my data with another provider ( than weather cloud. My question to you is: When I install de.dll file for sharing data with weather cloud, will my data upload continue to the another provider were I normally upload my data to?

  2. Weathercloud says:

    Hello Joostfhen, Weathercloud has no influence whatsoever on the upload of data to other weather networks.

  3. Ari Thor says:

    Hi I have Virtual weather station, How can I link that to Weathercloud ?

  4. Andy Carter says:

    Hi, I have just noticed the “heat index” on the display page. It is currently dimmed out, therefore I assume I don’t have the sensor?

    What would I need to monitor the “heat index” please

    • Weathercloud says:

      Hi Andy,

      Please note that we can only display the weather variables that we receive, as indicated on our FAQ page:

      Why is my device not uploading data of all the weather variables?

      If one or more weather variables are not displayed on Weathercloud, it is due to a problem unrelated to our site.

      The first step in solving the problem is to identify whether it is related to your device (hardware) or the software you use to upload data to Weathercloud. In the first case, the missing weather variables will not be displayed on the console of your device either, while in the second case they will.

      Once you have identified the problem, we suggest you contact the manufacturer of your device or the developer of the software (in the case of third-party software) for assistance.

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