How to Post Your Weather Data on Twitter in 4 Easy Steps

How to Post your Weather Data on Twitter in 4 Easy Steps

Would you like to share the weather data from your device with all your followers? Weathercloud makes this quick and easy with a four-step process:

1. First, select Connect to Twitter in the drop-down menu (the gear icon) on your Devices page.

Connect to Twitter


2. Then choose how often do you want your weather data to be posted on Twitter and click on Authorize.



3. Now you will be redirected to Twitter, from where you need to authorize Weathercloud to post tweets on your behalf.



4. After authorizing, you’ll be returned to Weathercloud and the Twitter icon will be displayed next to your device name to indicate that the linking process is complete.

Twitter Icon


From this moment your followers will see your weather updates on their timeline!

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5 Responses

  1. Before I embark on this process is it possible to edit the data going out to Twitter so that it names our weather station and only posts certain data. Best advice please

    • Weathercloud says:

      Currently the content of the automatic Tweets cannot be edited, but this will be possible in a future version of the site. However, instead of Weather station, the name of your device will be displayed.

  2. well great maybe usuel facebook & google+ ? probably wordpress ?? and some web site ??

  3. Guy R Wilson says:

    When is the daily summary tweeted?

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